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Located in the Northwest corner of Hillsborough County, the Keystone area is bordered on the west by Pinellas County, on the north by Pasco County, on the east by the Sun Coast Parkway / Dale Mabry Highway, and on the south by South Mobley Road.

The Keystone area covers 36 square miles with 6,334 acres of agricultural and farm land: 56 named lakes and many more wetland areas; 5,700 acres of preserved lands; and our population density is light, approximately 0.52 person per acre, 334 people per square mile (based on the 2009 population estimate of 10,700). The agricultural, water and wooded areas are our rural footprints.

Keystone is predominately a rural area of two-lane roads, wooded areas, lakes, ranches, farms, estates, and open spaces. With unique architectural designs, homes are built on varied lot sizes and in a scattered development pattern. Retail businesses are clustered in light density and agricultural businesses are found throughout our community. Keystone strives for sustainability through a balance of historical and emerging lifestyles, agricultural base, and natural resources.

Our farms, pastures, live stock, lakes, creeks, water sheds, greenways, preserves, and wildlife form a system that is integral to the whole of Keystone and Bay Area. They affirm our community’s heritage, life style, and quality of life that our residents, old and new, cherish. They also buffer Keystone from dissimilar development found in surrounding urban and suburban communities.  This is much of what makes Keystone so "treasured" and "unique".

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