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KCA History

Our Keystone Civic Association, originally called the Odessa Lake Region Civic Association, was formed in the 1930’s for civic improvement and promotion of the interests, welfare, and ideals of Northwest Hillsborough County.

It became inactive during World War II, but was reactivated in 1948. Meetings were held in the Lake Fern School building that was located at the junction of Lutz-Lake Fern Road and Gunn Highway.

Early in 1958, the Association partnered with the County Parks Department for construction of a building on property that had been purchased for this purpose earlier in the decade. It was agreed that the county would pour the foundation, and furnish roofing and landscaping if the civic association would supply the concrete blocks, windows, and association labor. Within 30 days, over $3,000 was collected in support of the home for the civic association. 


The KCA Mission

To promote, support and protect the rural lifestyle of Keystone by strengthening the community’s social, philanthropic, business and civic organizations through education, fellowship, activity and special events. To serve as the face and voice of our community to elected officials, staff persons and agencies and to foster unity through community vision.

What KCA Does for the Community


KCA sponsors and manages our annual Family Fun Day, Chili Cook off and Business Expo, Adopt-a-Road clean up through Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful and Hillsborough County’s Citizen Corps & Emergency Operations plan.


We hold monthly meetings with guest speakers about topics important to our mission. Communication through our community newsletter, emails and social media, the KCA provides information to area residents on a variety of quality of life subjects such as lake management, Florida-friendly landscaping, gardening, agriculture, and wildlife. It offers opportunities for sharing and exploring issues pertaining to Keystone’s residents and the Keystone community.

Fellowship | Social | Activity

The Keystone Park Civic Center and Austin Davis Library accommodate community organizations and neighborhood meetings, self-help, yoga, exercise, gardening classes, sports activities for both children and adults, senior citizen groups as well as conduct seminars open to the public.

Our churches and other community groups also organize activities including dinners, concerts, plays, antique fairs, and donation drives.

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