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Keystone Community Plan

Keystone-Odessa Comprehensive Plan

Keystone’s future is the Keystone-Odessa Community Plan (KOCP) that Keystone residents collaboratively developed in 2001 and reaffirmed in 2011.  Our Plan promotes stability and vitality as it embraces Keystone’s character and embodies our long term vision.  We who Live In and Love Keystone affirm its value for our community.


The Keystone-Odessa community will continue to be a rural community, embracing its agricultural past. Its continuing desire is to be an open area that: values nature above commercialism; dark, star-filled skies at night above the glare of urban lights; and, the sound of crickets and frogs above traffic noise. Blessed with many lakes, wetlands and rivers; and dependent on water wells for survival, these will be supported to ensure their continued health. Protection of water resources will be paramount.

Rural roads that transect the Keystone-Odessa community will remain in their present form (two-lane local and collector roadway connections for movement  without entering major arterial highways), freely used by community residents.  Urban design standards and/or traffic generated by surrounding high population centers are not to degrade the community’s country roads.

Plan Area

The Keystone-Odessa Community Plan (KOCP) Study Area delineates the boundary established during the community planning process and within which the Visions and strategies discussed herein are to be considered. The Keystone- Odessa community plan study area is located in northwest Hillsborough County and is generally bordered on the west by Pinellas County, on the north by Pasco County, on the east by Dale Mabry Highway, and on the south by the Urban Service Area boundary.

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