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Help Your Keystone Civic Association by Joining a Committee to Support Our Initiatives Together as a Community.  Become a Part of the Solutions.


This committee's focus is for ongoing development issues, zoning,  land sales/zoning.  As a community work together to limit Planned or Commercial Development in Keystone/Odessa and to assure county enforces the Keystone Comprehensive Plan to maintain our Rural Status.

keystone land


Goals of this committee are to keep the Keystone community residents safe in the event of emergencies.   Safety awareness and preparation through hurricanes , fire flooding is paramount.  Team develops a ready plan to keep residents informed during a crisis in event there are no communications and assure those in need have an assistance/plan for safety, medical needs, water, food, shelter.  Ideal person(s) would be CERT Community Emergency Response Team.



This committee maintains a list of Farmers in the Keystone/Odessa area, to develop a forum for all farmers to connect, review green belt questions, county or community issues they may face.  Uniting and promoting the farms via Agritourism is one mechanism to show Keystone IS a rural community.

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Overall review and assurance of fluid communications to all membership and community through effective resources with experience in Promotions to area residents for renewal of membership through effective marketing. Website development and maintenance. Development of Newsletter Monthly, Mail outs/ Emails to membership, special event communications and signage.  

Data Analyst


This committee is self driven, Membership retention is key to communications and building "community". Help bring in members by being an Ambassador of KCA to educate new and old residents on what we do for the community as a whole. The Membership Chair values assistance in planning/coordination  for General Meetings and special events for HCSO or special guests.  

First Time Membership


Help coordinate events to fundraise towards KCA programs, Grants and Scholarships toward community focused missions.  Planning, coordinating events, venues, working with Communications/Marketing committee to disseminate /promote event information to area residents. This committee will work in tandem with the GRANTS/SCHOLARSHIPS COMMITTEE.

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This is a vital part of our Community Events !  We greatly appreciate more committee members to help plan our following events:  Keystone Family Festival, Chili Cook Off,  Holiday Car Show, and more.   Please reach out to us by clicking the picture to sign up!

make chili


This committee reviews, completes updates to the Bylaws, Policies & Procedures with working knowledge of Florida Statutory Laws or with education in Law to ensure proper guidelines are in place regarding KCA and followed in all due processes.  This includes Standards, Legal Review, Nominations, Elections of which are presented to General Membership.

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The Treasurer is Chair of this committee.   Review of Budget integrity and assuring all Corporate, Business and Tax liabilities are completed in accordance with State Laws. 

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Attendance to SWFMD/EPS and other governmental /County meetings is part of this Committee process to assure our wetland areas are protected and to retain information to share with residents/members in the Keystone/Odessa Community.  To Protect our wetlands and water, Storm Water drainage. Working knowledge of our water systems including aquifers and watersheds are most beneficial attributes to be a part of the solutions.

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