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  • What is the Membership Rate to Join?
    You can find a list of options and sign up form on our Join Membership page. Click link:
  • Do you have to be a Keystone/Odessa Resident to Join?
    Yes and No. To be a "resident" KCA Member you must have an address within our Community Plan boundaries map which encompasses Keystone and Odessa up to the county lines. We are Hillsborough County. Businesses who are organically in Keystone may join as well. To view our Keystone Community Plan and the Boundary Map Click here : In 2023 it was approved to allow Non-Resident Members to support the KCA and its mission while receiving updates to our meetings and news. Non Resident members cannot vote at our elections or on motions at any meeting, yet can participate at our meetings.
  • When are KCA General Membership Meetings?
    As per KCA Bylaws they are the fourth Thursday each month with March being our Election month. You may stay up to date on current dates and events at this link:
  • I am having trouble logging in to my Membership Account?
    There may be one of two reasons. 1) If you are not a PAID membership member you will not be able to access an account. 2) If you are a PAID member and having issues with password or account log in: Go to the "Log In" button on the Menu Bar. Do Not use the google or Facebook options, Go To : Sign In with Email At Sign In : enter your email address used at time of membership purchase (note: if this email does not work it means it was not used to create your account!) Click on "Forgot Password". The system will send you a link to RESET your password and access to your member account is restored. If you continue to have an issue, contact us through our contact form and our Membership Chair or Webmin will assist.
  • Where can I locate status of pending rezoning or project requests?
    Rezoning and hearing requests go through their process in Hillsborough County here in is the link to verify current Rezoning and/or Variance requests through the OPTIX system. The log in /pw is PUBLIC, PUBLIC
  • How do I found out about Hillsborough County Zoning Districts and which one I am in?
    To review the zoning districts and definitions/information go to this link:
  • How may I send a letter to the Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners, and who are our Board of County Commissioner members?
    If you have grievances to be presented to the county it is recommended to send your letters of opposition or support of said item for review and filing prior to a BOCC meeting. The BOCC are in place to represent the people. For more information and to submit follow this link:
  • How do we find out what zoning requests are pending in our area(s)?
    To locate the current variances and/or zoning requests go to this link to view the map of current pending requests in the County Arcgis system:
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