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One of the many facets of Keystone/Odessa are the generations of Agriculture and Farming in the Keystone community, originally known for being the Citrus Belt, and today becoming a major resource through our local farmers and organics experts growing vegetables,  tree fruits, Cows, Chickens, and Goats etc. while supporting the environment organically!    

Many environmental elements are protected here in Keystone/Odessa which is why we are in high opposition of any commercial developments or large planned developments in this unique sanctuary.   Keystone/Odessa is known to be a major water resource for outlying counties such as Pinellas where well fields are located and protected here as the only fresh water resources for communities outside of Keystone/Odessa.   


We also have a local resource to be the only one in Hillsborough County to properly repurpose animal manure,  tree waste, and other matters to be turned  into perfectly balanced organic soils or natural Mulch.  Poo-fessional Recycled Organics and Land Management Inc. is a small, family, minority female owned company operated on 14 acres in Odessa, FL.   The nature of  this  business is producing professional grade compost, topsoil, garden soil, mulch, vermicompost, firewood and compact-able fill from recycling and screening unsuitable soils, plant debris, and manure.  The local owners have combined their over 15 years of expertise in teaching agricultural education, engineering and project management, owning and operating a successful site preparation company and love of gardening to create a premier recycling facility near the Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas county borders.   This is just ONE of the many amazing Agricultural elements of Keystone! 

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