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Keystone/Odessa Area Lakes in our 36 Square Mile Map:

Majority of all the lakes in the Keystone / Odessa area are spring fed and have been here for many years. It is our goal to always preserve our lakes, its organisms, fish, otters, clean water.  As residents in the lake regions it is up to us to be involved with our State Lake Programs to ensure we have the best aquatic health for all living fish etc. in our Lakes.  We are the Stewards of the environment we live in!

Lake Alice

Lake Ann

Lake Artillery

Lake Barbara

Lake Calm

Lake Elizabeth

Lake Ellen

Lake Fern

Lake Frances

Lake Helen

Lake Hiawatha

Lake Jewel

Lake  Juanita

Lake Keystone

Lake LeClare

Lake Raleigh

Lake Taylor

Lake Wastena

Lake Wood

Breckenridge Lake

Buck Lake

Catherine Lake

Church Lake

Crescent Lake

Crum Lake

Cypress Lake

Dan Lake

Darby Lake

Dead Lady Lake

Echo Lake

Eva Lake

Faye Lake

Garden Lake

Gibson Lake

Grace Lake

Horse Lake

Island Ford Lake

Jackson Lake

James Lake

Julia Lake

Little Lake

Little Moon Lake

Lonely Lake

Marlee Lake

Martha Lake

Mound Lake

Oakley Lake

Osceola Lake

Rainbow Lake

Rock Lake

Rogers Lake

Sprout Lake

Sunset Lake

Sunshine Lake

Thorpe Lake

Velburton Lake

Velburton Lake

Williams Lake

Hillsborough County Area Lakes & Water Map

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