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Keystone Civic Association (KCA) is one of the oldest and most active associations in the county.  Throughout the year we host social events, and public forums for our residents to identify what impacts Keystone and what can we do to help each other.

The Board of Directors selected by Membership Annually are made up of Resident Volunteers who aspire to lead the Community of Keystone with Integrity, Good Vision and Communication through Organized Events or Meetings for the  Keystone Residents.  Our monthly Newsletter and Website are loaded with events and information on how you can be a part of this amazing Association!   

You are welcome to attend our meetings that are held on the Fourth Thursday every month. 


We have resumed our meetings at our original Home location at the Keystone Park & Civic Center, 17928 Gunn Highway, Odessa, just north of Van Dyke Road.


We Support our Community

Being a resident of Keystone, Old or New, you understand its Value and Uniqueness in that we are one of the very "few" communities left in Hillsborough County striving to keep our Sanctuary in tact.  Supporting our wildlife sanctuaries, Agriculture businesses, Farming, Equestrian Communities, Lakes for fishing and living, all the elements that encompass your unique "paradise".      We are and always have been a Rural community since Odessa/Keystone's inception in 1884.

To keep this paradise takes a Community of involvement to protect what we so cherish from "developers" rolling in to build massive Planned Developments Residential or Commercial in our immediate areas that do not follow our Keystone Odessa Community Plan (KOCP).   The KCA is a valuable resource for residents to become members to engage in what is going on around you in the Keystone/Odessa area; while it takes a village to battle the Commercial and Housing developers who are chomping at the bit to just make "money" and not realize the impacts it has to our rural status, the environment, water and life.   


If you live here and wish to see less development or just want to partake in our fun KCA Socials Monthly and Activities we like to plan, please Join KCA Today!    We ARE about Community! 

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