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Updated: Aug 28, 2022

One of our most recent impacts to the Keystone/Odessa area are the planned developments and developers buying land coming up for sale in our community. We are fortunate to have current residents who are taking the initiatives to preserve our Keystone Rural Community by purchasing vacant lands themselves. With the increase in values throughout our area, owners are now willing to sell their land for a pretty penny, yet not realizing the impact selling to a developer it will have on our sanctuarys.

What can we do today to preserve Keystone/Odessa Rural status? We must formulate a solid plan to enforce the Keystone Community Plan of which we still have in effect until 2025. Folks, we have work to do together to prepare for the 2025 continuation for another 10 years to preserve our beautiful Keystone/Odessa! Wildlife, Agriculture, Farming, Equestrian, Lakes, Fishing etc, are all our known key elements in this area and to see it disappear with housing upon housing and concrete commercial developments is just not acceptable.

Your new Board Effective March 25, 2022 will be working tirelessly as volunteers they are to bring everyone together with resourceful tools to help us help you. This is a large job, and it truly cannot be dependent on just a few members on the KCA Board, it will take the entire "community" as a whole to step in to help us on the Committees we will develop to ensure continued movement forward and ahead of developers while connecting with each other. Meet, negotiate with those who already own or just shut it down! The power is with the people and staying vigilant is of most importance. How may we accomplish this? Monitor any and all vacant properties coming up for sale in your area. Let the Land Use Committee know immediately. We may be able to negotiate with realtors although they are in it for survival, but a beautiful estate residence can be built instead of a commercial building! There are many ideas we believe our residents may have. We value your input as resident / members of KCA and appreciate you. Please feel free to email us or one of your select committee chairs to "get involved to be a part of the solution".

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