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Updated: Apr 13, 2023

A Note From Your Editor, Cassandra Leonard

Happy New Year!

We hope your holidays were special and that you will have a healthy and prosperous New Year!

Remember, please share your stories, pictures in the area, recipes, hot news and interview availability, hot topics, Email to: As a community bound together we are a strong force; protecting our Keystone 36 !


"United we are Strong, Divided we are Weak. Together we can accomplish ANYTHING. "

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KCA LAND USE UPDATE by Janise Man-Son-Hing, Chair

On 9/19 property on Rustic Woods came in for a re-zoning to add an accessory structure. (22-1105) Voted Unanimous by BOCC on 11/3/22 from AR to ASFE

The property on Van Dyke, next to Winn Dixie, requested a beer/wine license. (22-1135) 11/21/22 Voted by LUHO on 11/21/22

Property on Boy Scout Rd came in for a concurrent re-zoning and Comp Plan Amendment on 10/17 to be able to build a single-family home. (22-0926) – This went to the BOCC in December RZ-STD-22-0926 Update Next Hearing Date: Jan 26, 2023

The former borrow pit on Lutz Lake Fern Road is proposing the development of a 308-unit Recreational Park (RV), with an alternative development option consisting of a borrow pit. Access to the site is planned to be provided via Barrie Acres Trail. The applicant is expecting to have water and sewer since it is adjacent to this property (to the east). (22-1330) – went to a hearing on 11/14/22 RZ-PD-22-1330 Update Next Hearing Date: Feb 20, 2023

Property Racetrack/Gunn (Southwest corner) 22-1431 – a request for commercial neighborhood uses. This went to the ZHM on 11/14/22 RZ-STD-22-1431 Next Hearing Date: is Feb 20, 2023 Wayne Road/Gunn Hwy (Vacant Land) MM-22-1638 Update Next Hearing Date: Feb 20, 2023 ZHM Date: Feb 20, 2023 BOCC Date: Apr 11, 2023


A Note from the President


In trying to keep business progressing and being able to move forward, we need board members. It takes all of us in one way or another to make this association a success. We have had two gracious people step up to fill 2 of the 3 most recent midterm vacancies.

Allow me to introduce and welcome our two newest board members. First up is Jan Nelson. She has been a member for 15 years, served on the KCA board for over 5 years in past, and has been a resident in Keystone for 30 years.

The next introduction is Tobias Smith. Tobias has been a member for about a year, has 28 years in with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department, and has lived in Keystone for over 40 years. Please welcome them both to the team!

Our treasurer position is still vacant. If you have any sort of background and interest in bookkeeping and financials, don't hesitate to offer your services! Tax season is upon us, so any guidance with that would be much appreciated. Please contact the board at

"Many hands make light work" by John Heywood.

So as of today, here is our current KCA Board of Directors list:


President Mike Atherton

Vice President Janise Man-Son-Hing

Secretary Cassandra Leonard

Treasurer (vacant)

Board of Directors:

Alana Ginelli

Clara Lawhead

Jan Nelson

Krys Wloch

Tobias Smith

Ward Netscher




BOD Nominations are still open. Please submit your Nomination Form today as KCA needs your support! Click for Form here


My, how in a sense, this term has flown by! We are coming into our election time again! Put your name "in the hat" to serve your community and help keep Keystone a great place to live! You must be a member for at least 6 months and be in good standing with the association. In order to run you must either: 1. self-nominate or 2. be nominated with a Nomination Form completed PRIOR to March 1st. Our Nominating Committee, consisting of Clara Lawhead, Clark Ricke, and Jan Nelson are available to contact for the form and should you have any questions. You can reach them directly: Clara Lawhead (813) 376-0474 or, Clark Ricke (813) 299-2253 or, and Jan Nelson (813) 777-3045, or email the KCA via email at The election will take place at our General Membership Meeting on Thursday, March 23, 2023. Remember to "make your voice heard" by attending and voting at the election! It is imperative to select good, hard working team players. To submit a Nomination form please download/complete form : Click for Form here



by Krys Wloch, Chair KCA ERC Committee

According to the American Red Cross, winter is “one of the most difficult times of year to collect enough blood products to meet patient needs.” That’s because of, among other things, busy holiday schedules and bad weather often resulting in canceled blood drives. Furthermore, seasonal illnesses such as the flu force potential donors to forgo their blood donations.

That’s just one of the reasons that National Blood Donor Month, which has taken place each January since 1970, is such an important observance. Donating blood saves many lives and improves health for many people. According to the World Health Organization, “blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person — the gift of life. A decision to donate your blood can save a life, or even several if your blood is separated into its components — red cells, platelets and plasma.”

How to Observe Blood Donor Month


Not just in honor of National Blood Donor Month, but in the simple spirit of providing the stuff of life to those who need it most. Donate now. Donate again in eight weeks. Repeat.


National Blood Donor Month can inspire people to donate. And those donations can in turn inspire others to donate, creating an exponential increase in blood donations when and where they're needed the most.

Learn and remember your blood type

What's your blood type? Some examples: O positive donors are needed more often than other blood types. O negative donors are considered "universal donors." AB positive donors are "universal recipients."


Support the Adopt A Road Project

Please join in the effort to keep our roads clean in the Keystone area.

Lets show the County how serious we are as a community by signing up for one of the Adopt A Road Calendar Dates listed below! Make it a fun family morning and meet your local neighbors for a great cause. Keep Keystone Beautiful.

Please confirm/ email James Gothard about the Adopt A Road clean up/ SIGN UP :

2023 KCA/KTBB Adopt-a-Road cleanup dates start/meet 7:15 AM promptly at Keystone Park. Ends around 9:30 AM. Feb. 25 Apr. 29 June 24 Aug. 26 Oct. 28


It's Time!

For the 2023 Chili Cook Off Business & Craft Fair of the Year!

Register your Pot of Chili and lets see if you can be the next winner to carry the Trophy for a Year of Bragging Rights! Local Businesses you can display your best !

TO SIGN UP OR FOR INQUIRES PLEASE EMAIL: KCA Special Events Visit Event Page on Website


Did You Know... Health Tips

It's all About Coffee!

by C. Leonard

It's a New Year and a New You! Time to focus on your better health and to meet your goals! So, Coffee Drinkers! You will like this research finding. We know everything is good in moderation, keep this in mind. Personally, I enjoy one to two cups of coffee a day. It really helps get the day started, although I purchase coffee where I know it comes from via direct sources locally, buy the beans and grind them. Best way to assure you are getting good "quality" coffee! Coffee may be blamed for everything from heartburn to heart failure, but now this popular beverage is the source of good news, it may protect you from two deadly kinds of cancer. Escape two Silent Killers. Liver & Ovarian Cancers may be the most dangerous cancers to hear of. It usually causes no symptoms until it reaches the most advanced stages. That's why it is more likely to be life threatening by the time a doctor finds it. Fortunately, coffee may help you avoid these sneaky cancers. It is said that drinking coffee may lower your risk of these cancers as well as other health risks, like heart disease and Alzheimers. In fact, a Harvard Study of more than 80,000 women discovered that the more caffeine you drink, the less risk of ovarian cancer you have, particularly if you have never used hormones. In a recent review of studies, Italian researchers found that coffee drinkers are 41 percent less likely to develop liver cancer than people who don't drink coffee. Another review from Sweden's Karolinska Institute discovered that liver cancer risk dropped 43 percent when people increased their coffee intake to two cups a day. Coffee's cancer fighting punch may come from antioxidants like chlorogenic acid. Coffee is loaded with antioxidants like this so that it's one of the top sources in many people's diets. These specific coffee antioxidants help prevent cancer-causing compounds from forming and neutralize the free radical molecules that promote cancers. Onward with your daily cup! The same coffee you drink to wake up or rid of afternoon doldrums may also help you escape a lifetime of diabetes. Another Harvard review of ninety studies found that people who drank six to seven cups of coffee a day were 35 percent less likely to get diabetes than people who drank two cups or less. I found this to be interesting. People who drank four to six cups still cut their risk of diabetes by 28 percent. So how is this all possible with Coffee? Coffee may have this effect because it's a rich source of the antioxidant polyphenols like chlorogenic acid and phytic acid. Scientists believe these compounds may use several tactics to help keep glucose (blood sugar) from building up in your bloodstream. They cause your Liver to make less glucose to put into your bloodstream, limit the amount of glucose in your intestines that reabsorb to send back into your bloodstream, and they help your body resist insulin resistance. Your cells need glucose for energy, of which they receive from your bloodstream. But cells don't want to let in just anything so they wait for insulin to tell them when to open up to admit glucose. In pre-diabetes your cells stop responding when insulin knocks - a condition called insulin resistance. This traps glucose in your blood stream and allows pile up. Fortunately this is where chlorogenic acid can help. It has compounds called quinidines that help cells respond to insulin so glucose can leave your bloodstream and energize your cells. These aren't the only coffee elements to help. Some research suggests that Caffeine may have a role as well in that caffeinated coffee sparks a sharp rise in fat-burning metabolism that may help control weight. This in turn may lower your risk for diabetes. A few Harvard research studies suggest you may get benefits like these by choice of drip-filtered coffee over other kinds. The Iowa Women's Health study found that Decaf Coffee may be better at preventing diabetes than caffeinated. Additionally, a New York study suggested drinking caffeinated coffee minimizes the risk of death from heart disease by 53 percent for older adults with normal blood pressure. The added risk of heart attack that commonly occurs after meals may be the reason why. Although everyone has a drop in blood pressure after meals, it becomes more dramatic as you age. A problem that boosts your risk of heart attacks. Caffeine's little surge of energy seems to counteract this dangerous effect and helps keep you safe. Experts recommend to not aim for high amounts. Just 2-3 cups a day of either Caffeinated or Decaf Coffee is sufficient. Be aware that some coffees may contain compounds that help raise your cholesterol. Large amounts of caffeine may interfere with your sleep and could have other unhealthy side effects. Some people genetically may not tolerate caffeine, so be sure you are aware of known family issues prior to drinking any caffeinated drinks. It is important to know your body, listen to its signals and gauge your outcomes for better health! Enjoy your cup of Java away!!!


Get involved with KCA


Below is a list of our Committees. If you are interested to be more involved with KCA, we would love to have your support by joining one of our committees below.

Simply click the link to directly Email the Committee Chair and Co Chair to SIGN UP or for your inquiries! It is our goal to make "communications" easy for our members.


Our General Meeting will be held this month at THE AMERICAN LEGION POST 147 . 6:30 PM Social 7:00 PM Meeting Start October General Meeting Minutes CORRECTION-Final


Thank You to our Keystone Business Sponsors for their continued support!

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Key Upcoming Dates

January 26, 2023 General Meeting at the American Legion 6:30 PM February 23, 2023 General Meeting at Keystone Civic Center 6:30 PM February 26, 2023 Adopt A Road at Keystone Park 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM May 6, 2023 Spring Fling Chili Cook Off and Business Expo Event Committee Meetings: TBD by Chairs via email / phone


Member Updates

Be sure to keep your information up to date. Log in to your Member Portal on this website located at top right corner of page to add a spouse, change your address, renew your membership and view necessary files on your back office. Communicate with local members real time in the area via the KCA Social Platform you must sign up for. Have questions on membership? Please Email Us at :

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