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Updated: Apr 13, 2023

A Note From Your Editor, Cassandra Leonard

We would love to highlight life in Keystone/Odessa much more. Please share your adorable animal - fam pictures or a great story about where you live. Remember, please share pictures in the area, recipes, hot news and interview availability, hot topics, Email to: As a community bound together we are a strong force; protecting our Keystone 36 ! "United we are Strong, Divided we are Weak. Together we can accomplish ANYTHING. "


Please support our amazing Business Sponsors featured in this newsletter!



Nadia Combs Chair, Hillsborough County School Board

Parents and Residents if you have questions regarding the new Hillsborough County Plan for your district, attend this meeting.


"A Good Morning to be in Odessa!"

We Thank ABC News for their support and sharing the so many details that make Odessa/Keystone UNIQUE! Sharing our stories with the world on what we have, and the fight we have as a community to keep it Rural. Enjoy the video stories they are AMAZING!

Covering our key story about Patterson Road Project and location businesses like: Golden Spirit Alpaca Ranch, Three Brothers Pizza, Keystone Farmers Market , Old Mc Micky's, Odessa Wildlife Sanctuary and Keystone Ranch, Lady Bug Farm, Lake Rogers Park, Elizabeths Animal Rescue, Odessa Eagle Scouts, Bar4R Cattle Company and more!



KCA LAND USE UPDATE by Janise Man-Son-Hing, Chair

RZ-PD-22-1330 DIBBS Lutz Lake Fern Rd/Angel Lane Next Hearing Date: Mar 20, 2023 LUHO Date: N/A ZHM Date: Mar 20, 2023 BOCC Date: May 9, 2023 MM-22-1638 Ricke/Gunn Hwy/Wayne Road Next Hearing Date: Mar 20, 2023 LUHO Date: N/A ZHM Date: Mar 20, 2023 BOCC Date: May 9, 2023 RZ-STD-22-1431 Race Track/Gunn Hwy Next Hearing Date: Apr 17, 2023 LUHO Date: N/A ZHM Date: Apr 17, 2023 BOCC Date: Jun 13, 2023 VAR-23-0126 17896 Boyscout Rd Next Hearing Date: Mar 27, 2023 LUHO Date: Mar 27, 2023 ZHM Date: N/A BOCC Date: N/A Requesting 900-1200 sq ft of living area above the barn VAR-23-0005 Whirley Rd/Scott Rd Next Hearing Date: Mar 27, 2023 LUHO Date: Mar 27, 2023 ZHM Date: N/A BOCC Date: N/A Fence in violation of code 4” in front 6” on side/back

Land Use: RV Park on Lutz Lake Fern Road Join our weekly planning meetings

By Clara Lawhead, Land Use Committee Co Chair

A neighborhood group has formed to strategize on what can be done to oppose the proposed creation of an RV park on Lutz Lake Fern Road next to Tarramor, Montreaux and Angel Lane. If you are interested in joining this group, they meet by zoom on Sundays at 4:00 pm. Contact Clara Lawhead at Join Us to learn about these land use issues and how the strength of KCA and our members can help to protect Keystone from reckless development.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”.Helen Keller

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart”. Elizabeth Andrew


Florida House Bill 359 – affects Keystone/Odessa Community Plan:

by Clara Lawhead,

Land Use Committee Co Chair

This bill has been introduced in the 2023 legislative session on Jan 23, 2023. It does not appear to have a senate companion at this time. The article below is a good read on the subject: Florida developers want to scare you into letting them have their way - Florida Phoenix

House Bill 359, titled “Local Government Comprehensive Plans,” was by Rep. Wyman Duggan, a Republican from Jacksonville. The bill stipulates that anyone who loses a legal challenge to a comprehensive plan — or comprehensive plan amendment — must pay the winner’s attorney fees and costs. Rep. Duggan earns his living as a Jacksonville developers’ attorney.

“Duggan’s bill seeks to strip power from citizens and undermine the spirit of Florida’s comprehensive planning laws. If passed it represents a victory for sprawl over judicious planning — and common sense”.

If HB 359 passes, anyone who challenges a local government for changing its comprehensive plan to kowtow to a developer, and then loses that challenge, is liable to wind up paying the legal bills of the winner.

Current law allows the loser to be stuck with court costs only. The price tag for paying for the other side’s high-priced legal counsel could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars or worse.

Clearly this bill is meant to discourage all the little citizens’ groups fighting to keep sprawl from swamping their community and drowning what’s left of what’s good.

Florida Sun Sentinel reports: “What this statutory scheme does is it prevents an aggrieved party from having their argument heard, because they’ll be fearful that they’ll be paying the municipalities’ legal fees,” Keith Poliakoff told the paper. He said the bill was “created by the development community to thwart appeals of land-use changes.”

The bill has been added to Local Administration, Federal Affairs & Special Districts Subcommittee agenda on February 15, 2023.


Tampa Bay Water Environmental Ad Hoc Committee Meeting 1 Summary 1-31-2023

By Alana Ginelli

KCA BOD, Tampa Bay Water Ad Hoc Committee Representative

Tampa Bay Water reached out to the KCA for a representative who will sit on the Environmental Ad Hoc Committee that oversees water use in our area.

Tampa Bay Water is the region’s water supply wholesaler, providing drinking water to Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas counties and the cities of New Port Richey, St. Petersburg and Tampa. Tampa Bay Water has no authority to control growth or require that the members conserve water; the utility’s sole mission is to supply drinking water to meet the members’ needs now and in the future. The purpose of the ad hoc committee: to document stakeholders’ questions and concerns regarding the different sources, and what data should be collected during the feasibility stage to help allay those concerns. The purpose of the long-term master water plan is to ensure the region has enough water to meet demands in the future. It’s a thorough planning process that looks at a number of factors, like population growth, to determine what to build and when. This long-term plan is aiming to provide an additional 10 million gallons per day (mgd) in the 2033 timeframe. A slideshow on the different water sources that are being investigated in the current Long-term Master Water Plan and the results of the coarse screening evaluation was presented. The potential project options and the potential treatment processes for the different sources were discussed. Group discussion, questions and answers, along with comments followed each presentation of project concepts and proposed treatment trains by source. They’re welcoming any questions from the communities we represent that may help give insight to our future water needs.


A Note from the President


Our treasurer position is still vacant. If you have any sort of background and interest in bookkeeping and financials, don't hesitate to offer your services! It's not too late to get involved! It would lighten the load by taking on one of many jobs. Plus it would only be until the election on March 23rd. Please contact the board at

"Many hands make light work" by John Heywood.

BOD Nominations are still open. Please submit your Nomination Form today as KCA needs your support!

KCA Elections are just around the corner in March. We need you on the Board of Directors for KCA. We can’t continue without your help. Nominations will be accepted at the February 23, 2023 General Meeting. Applications need to be submitted prior to March 1st. Please consider volunteering. We need connectors, your skills, your energy, and your love of our community to step up. Volunteering is the voice of the people put into action. Click for Form here SUBMIT HERE



We are a few weeks closer to the Annual Election being held at our General Membership Meeting on March 23, 2023! Please get your name in along with your Nomination Form PRIOR to March 1st to run for the board! Contact one of our Nominating Committee Members for more information and to get a Nomination Form: Clara Lawhead at 813-376-0474 or, Clark Ricke at 813-299-2253 or, or Jan Nelson at 813-777-3045. You may also send your Nomination Form to Again, please have your Nomination Form completed PRIOR to March 1st or you will not be eligible! Reminder: You must be a member for at least 6 months and be in good standing with the association. In order to run you must either: 1. self-nominate or 2. be nominated with a Nomination Form completed PRIOR to March 1st. Remember to "make your voice heard" by attending and voting at the election! It is imperative to select good, hard working team players. To submit a Nomination form please download/complete form : Click for Form here


Rural Life in Keystone Photo of the Month


Only in Keystone can family walk their pet Cow.



By Yvonne Stoker

KCA Environmental Committee

Living with a septic tank: Best practices to protect your drinking water, the environment, and your home investment

Do you know where the wastewater goes when you flush the toilet, use the kitchen garbage disposal, or run the clothes washer? “EWWW!” you say, “I don’t want to think about it”. “Gross!” your kids say when you mention where the wastewater goes.

If you live in the Keystone/Odessa area, odds are that you have a personal groundwater well for your drinking water supply, and a septic tank to take care of your household wastewater. Perhaps you just bought your home and have never had such a system before. Have you ever wondered what happens after you drain your bathtub? Or perhaps you are the original owner and know the details for your systems. We often take things for granted when everything works properly, but a failure of your septic tank system requires immediate attention. Fixing a problem is often much more expensive and time-consuming than preventative maintenance.

Leaking or poorly-treated sewage contains pollutants such as nitrogen and phosphorus, organic carbons, and harmful pathogens (bacteria, viruses) and could cause undesirable, unintended exposure of humans and wildlife to disease. Such leaks of excessive nutrients and harmful pathogens could also end up in your yard, your lake, or nearby wetlands and streams.

There are several useful sources of information on preventative maintenance for septic tanks from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). This Fact Sheet is a great place to start:

Highlights of the “Three P’s” advice from the experts at FDEP are:

  1. Pump: Have your septic tank inspected and pumped out every 3-5 years

  2. Protect: Don’t drive over your tank or drainfield; plant only grass over it; move rain gutter downspouts away from the tank and drain field

  3. Prevent: Flush human wastewater only; don’t pour household products, cooking grease, paints, medicines, auto fluids and other harmful chemicals down the drain. Compost kitchen scraps instead of using the garbage disposal. Don’t waste water! Leaking toilets and excessive water use (bathing, laundry) can overload the system.

To find a Florida licensed contractor to inspect your septic tank system, check out this web site tool:

Together we can all do our part in protecting the Keystone/Odessa environment!


National Lost Penny Day

by Krys Wloch, Chair KCA ERC Committee

National Lost Penny Day is an annually recurring event observed on February 12. Mostly pennies are useless metal currency coins that neither fit in your wallet nor your purse. Often they will slip out of your pocket, wallet, or purse, and it’s quite unlikely you will find them again. This day is dedicated to making an effort out of your busy routine to find the lost penny that may have slipped under the sofa or the car seat. Finding your lost penny is quite a good sign, and for this reason, it has its dedicated day. HISTORY OF NATIONAL LOST PENNY DAY National Lost Penny Day has been connected with the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of America. Celebrated every February 12, the day has its association with Abraham Lincoln because it is his picture that has been on the penny since 1909. The first-ever U.S. penny was designed by Benjamin Franklin in the 1780s, and since then, billions of pennies have been minted. The history of the word penny, on the other hand, is unclear. Historians have come up with different explanations for the name ‘penny.’ Some say it was derived from the word ‘pawn,’ which means pledge or debt. Some say it was derived from the West Germanic word for frying pan because it has the shape of a frying pan. So the origin of the word ‘penny’ is unclear. Starting in 1995, National Lost Penny Day was coined by Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, an eventologist. Adrienne Sioux, while coining the day, explained that petty cash can make a significant difference. So, simply searching for lost pennies can help you find a reasonable amount of money which may help you buy something important or fun for that day.


Support the Adopt A Road Project

CORRECTION TO PREVIOUS DATES PROVIDED Please join in the effort to keep our roads clean in the Keystone area. Lets show the County how serious we are as a community by signing up for one of the Adopt A Road Calendar Dates listed below! Make it a fun family morning and meet your local neighbors for a great cause. Keep Keystone Beautiful.

Please confirm/ email James Gothard about the Adopt A Road clean up/ SIGN UP : EMAIL JIM GOTHARD ( or KCA INFO or you may call Jim at 813-482-6738.

2023 KCA/KTBB Adopt-a-Road Saturday cleanup dates start/meet 7:15 AM promptly at Keystone Park. Ends around 9:30 AM. Feb. 25 Apr. 29 June 24 Aug. 26 Oct. 28


Newsworthy Information

The Florida Department of Health Announces the 2023 Radon Poster Contest Winners TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — January was National Radon Action Month and the time of year when the Florida Department of Health announces the winners of our 2023 Florida Radon Poster Contest. This annual contest of original designs, art and concepts engages Florida middle-school students and schools to help educate their communities about the health risks connected to elevated indoor radon levels. Florida's top three winners are also entered into the national contest organized by Radon Leaders, an online learning and action network that supports the Radon Leaders Saving Lives campaign. Since 2008, Florida's winners have been awarded the national win nine times! First Place Winner “Radon Can Cause Lung Cancer” Created by Jovany Dera, Westridge Middle School, Eighth Grade Second Place Winner “Test Your Home for Radon” Created by Madeleine Stewart, Fairview Middle School, Eighth Grade Third Place Winner “Radon Awareness” Created by Daniel See, Westshore Jr./Sr. High School, Eighth Grade Honorable Mention “Don't Let Radon Shake Your Home” Created by Noah Beltran, Sarasota School of Arts and Sciences, Seventh GradeThe Contest Promotes Radon Awareness Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas and the largest source of everyday radiation exposure. It’s colorless and odorless so you don’t know you’re breathing it in. In recent years, radon in indoor air has caused an estimated 21,000 deaths from lung cancer—in fact, it’s the second leading cause of lung cancer deaths nationwide. For non-smokers, it’s the number one leading cause of lung cancer deaths.Common Misconceptions of Radon Radon comes from uranium, a heavy metal found in the earth’s soil. Radon is pulled from the ground into buildings through cracks in foundations, plumbing and electrical penetrations and other openings. It can accumulate in any type of building including the upper floors of homes, apartments and high-rises.

  • One in 15 homes across the U.S. has an elevated radon level.

  • In Florida, one in five homes—in some areas it’s one in three.

Testing Your Home is FREE There are ways to reduce high levels of radon in your home—your first step is to test your indoor air. The test is simple and you can request a free radon test kit from Additional information available:

  • Locate Florida-certified radon measurement professionals.

  • View a list of public and private schools, day care and 24-hour care facilities that have measured their indoor radon levels (this is not a requirement for all counties).

  • Contact DOH's Florida Radon Program at 1-800-543-8279

About the Florida Department of Health The Florida Department of Health, nationally accredited by the Public Health Accreditation Board, works to protect, promote and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county and community efforts. Follow us on Twitter at @HealthyFla and on Facebook. For more information about the Florida Department of Health please visit



Save the date, Tampa! Our annual fundraiser is right around the corner. The night will have much in store, including a live auction and a Mamma Mia! inspired band (so be sure to wear your dancing shoes!).

Join us for an exciting night of live music and libations, and support a worthy cause. We know that this will be a night you don’t want to miss!

To purchase tickets please visit

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please email

We can't wait to see you there!


It's Time!

For the 2023 Chili Cook Off and Business Expo & Craft Fair of the Year!

MEMBERS WE NEED YOUR INVOLVEMENT on this Committee. There is much to be done for this event. Please reach out to our Committee Chair or Co-Chair to SIGN UP Today! Email us to to SIGN UP Today!


Get your Chili Pepper Hats on and Register your Pot of Chili ! Lets see if you can be the next winner to carry the Trophy for a Year of Bragging Rights! Local Businesses you can display your best !

TO SIGN UP OR FOR INQUIRES PLEASE EMAIL: KCA Special Events Visit Event Page on Website


Save the Date Next Barns and Beer is Friday Nov 3, 2023.

We invite everyone to come out and enjoy!


Did You Know... Health Tips Let's Get Corny with Cornstarch!

by C. Leonard

Who would remember there were so many "old school" uses for Cornstarch until I was led to research into it. Remember what our Grandmothers used back in the day (depending on your age of course). Amazing what our friendly ears of corn can provide us for our health and daily needs!

Imagine this...the same ingredient we use to thicken gravies could end nighttime bouts of low blood sugar among many other uses in this article. Findings in research for Type 1 Diabetes identified most bouts of severe hypoglycemia or "low blood sugar" occurs at night while sleeping. Getting a grip on these episodes is important as nighttime hypoglycemia is linked to worsening control over daytime blood sugar. So, how did they recommend cornstarch for this?

A simple late night snack of milk, and uncooked household cornstarch could help you get a handle on blood sugar. When you add cornstarch to a sauce and heat it, it digests quickly. The sugar in cooked cornstarch hits your bloodstream fast, causing a glucose spike. On the other hand, RAW cornstarch, uncooked and straight from the box digests more "slowly". Its sugar gets absorbed gradually and provides a slow, constant source of glucose for up to seven "7" hours. This in turn makes it a perfect bedtime remedy to thwart overnight bouts of hypoglycemia.

In one study, drinking raw cornstarch dissolved in milk before bed reduced the number of hypoglycemic episodes, both during the night and before breakfast the next morning, without any side effects. A bonus to this is milk contains tryptophan, a compound that helps you sleep. The combination of the two (milk + cornstarch) could not only guard your blood sugar, but help you sleep better too! Next question is, how much do you use? Current found evidence suggests a 140 Lb person should take 2-4 tablespoons of cornstarch in a glass of milk.

This useful pantry cure was found to help people with Type 2 Diabetes. This same night-time snack with "uncooked" cornstarch helped some patients keep a lid on high fasting blood sugar, hyperglycemia, in overnight hours between dinner and breakfast. Based on the studies, here is a list of how cornstarch worked best for people with Type 1 diabetes characteristics:

1) They tightly control their blood sugar levels. This person most likely faces bouts of low blood sugar.

2) They are "hypoglycemic unaware", means they do not recognize warning signs of low blood sugar.

3) They exercise. Raw cornstarch before exercising can help keep blood sugar from crashing afterward.

4) They drink alcohol. Raw cornstarch after drinking alcohol may help dodge the dip in blood sugar.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Cornstarch works as a "preventative" measure against low blood sugar. Do not use it to treat existing hypoglycemia. It doesn't digest quickly enough to rescue you from a dangerous bout of low blood sugar. I would find some OJ or follow what your physician has recommended for your body type, in case of allergies!

MORE INTERESTING USES BY OUR FRIENDLY CORN! Yes, there is more than just thickening sauces, and preventative for low blood sugars with our corn.

Did you know it's great for soothing dry, sunburned, irritated skin and works well to protect the skin from ravages of chemotherapy too? Yes it does!

To relieve dry skin, make a paste from 2 cups of cornstarch and 4 cups of water. Boil the mixture then pour into a half-full bathtub. Yet be cautious as it will make the bath slippery!

Heal hives. Climb into the soothing bath with 6 tablespoons of Oatmeal and 3 tablespoons of cornstarch added.

It is said, that cornstarch baths ease poison ivy itching too! Try adding a box of baking soda and 1 1/2 cups of cornstarch to bath water, then soak.

To soothe sunburns, dissolve a 1/2 to 1 cup of cornstarch in a bath of cool water and soak. You can also make the paste noted above and apply it directly to your sunburn.

Calm cancer itching. Radiation therapy for cancer can seriously dry out the skin because it kills skin cells and the oily glands in your skin that keep it hydrated. You can protect your skin by dusting itchy irradiated areas with cornstarch after bathing. This may help reduce symptoms.

Last but not least you can use cornstarch in place of talcum powders (that may increase risks of cancer) to freshen your body or in your shoes. It's a safer alternative to staying dry. Warning! It is not recommended to apply to moist oily or hair covered areas, as it may promote fungal growth as it breaks down into sugar when wet.

Enjoy your friendly corn with its many uses aside from pop and cob!


Get involved with KCA


Below is a list of our Committees. If you are interested to be more involved with KCA, we would love to have your support by joining one of our committees below.

Simply click the link to directly Email the Committee Chair and Co Chair to SIGN UP or for your inquiries! It is our goal to make "communications" easy for our members.


General Meeting will be held this month February 23, 2023 at THE AMERICAN LEGION POST 147 . 6:30 PM Social 7:00 PM Meeting Start. Guest Speaker : Nadia Combs, Chair, Hillsborough County School Board.


Thank You to our Keystone Business Sponsors for their continued support!

Interested in supporting KCA by becoming a Business Sponsor? Click here for more information!


Key Upcoming Dates

February 23, 2023 General Meeting at American Legion 6:30 PM February 25, 2023 Adopt A Road at Keystone Park 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM May 6, 2023 Spring Fling Chili Cook Off and Business Expo & Craft Fair Committee Meetings: TBD by Chairs via email / phone


Member Updates

Be sure to keep your information up to date. Log in to your Member Portal on this website located at top right corner of page to add a spouse, change your address, renew your membership and view necessary files on your back office. Communicate with local members real time in the area via the KCA Social Platform you must sign up for. Have questions on membership? Please Email Us at :

Web related questions email us at:

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