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2024 President Introduction and Zoom Invite for Parliamentary Training on Thurs, May 2, 6:30pm

Hello KCA Members,

I would like to introduce myself, Brook Houck, newly elected 2024 President of Keystone Civic Association. 

I am a Florida native but feel fortunate that my husband, Aaron, and I built the family dream home eight years ago on Lake Calm.  Fifty years before that, the Houck Family hit the jackpot when they moved from Michigan to sunny Lake Keystone.  Keystone Odessa is a special place to call home, to raise our two sons, as well as have quality time with all of our cousins living the rural, agricultural lifestyle.  I grew up in Dade City so small town life has always been a part of me.  

In 2022, I realized I had become complacent and had blinders on to the development creeping into our area.  With the mentorship of neighbors, I became more active.  I want to share with membership the importance of speaking up and defending our land use policies.  With the board’s assistance and support of membership, we can uphold and protect the Keystone Odessa Community Plan, which is up for review in 2025.  

Furthermore, creating a more social atmosphere within KCA is a priority so we can get to know more of our fantastic neighbors.  I’d love to meet up at local businesses and promote more fun activities within our organization.  Let’s work on this together, reach out to me with your ideas on how we can engage and connect.  We had a blast right out of the gate with Spring Fling at the beginning of April- over 2000 people attended and we all enjoyed the chili cook-off, live band, vendors and games!

We have the fourth Thursday reserved for our General Membership Meetings at the park and hope you will join us!  In order to facilitate meaningful, productive meetings, one of our first missions is to educate our board on the bylaws and proper Robert's Rules of Order procedures. We are holding an online, live training session and want to extend the invite to all of membership to learn along with us.  If you are interested, join us for the two-hour session on parliamentary training with a professional, registered parliamentarian.  Go to to sign up for a free Zoom account in advance. If you are a current KCA member, please join us Thursday at the link below.

This Thursday, May 2nd 6:30-8:30pm via Zoom. FREE to attend.    

Meeting ID: 852 1869 4652

Passcode: RONR4KCA

There’s so much more we are working on as a new board.  I’d love to learn more about what YOU want out of KCA- this is YOUR organization.  I hope you will reach out to me at  

I look forward to meeting all of you soon.  Please join us at our next General Membership meeting on Thursday, May 23rd, 6:30PM at Keystone Park.



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