[ Being Safe & Secure ]

Storm Water & Hurricanes

Keep these contacts handy when Heavy rain events are coming Keystone's way.

Alert 2017 - After the Hurricane 

Above all - Stay Safe & Secure!


Your Home

  • Awareness of and preparation for safety begins at home.  For instance, a free Security Survey to Identify and eliminate security weaknesses can be done by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.  Let the professionals help you before the “bad guy” helps himself.
  • Regardless of who built it or when it was built, your home can have vulnerabilities.  So learn how to retrofit your home, reduce damage and possibly reduce insurance premiums.  The Florida Division of Emergency Management has the necessary information.
  • When the Big One” strikes and electricity is out, roads impassible, communications severed, evacuation ordered – are you prepared?  A family action and communication plan should include a supply of emergency food, water, medical supplies, prescriptions, and survival equipment

Here are some helpful readings:

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Your Neighborhood

The adage “there is safety in numbers” is true. 

  • Neighbors can expand the effectiveness of individual home security and the Neighborhood Watch program is an excellent way to promote and foster safer neighborhoods.  The results have been very gratifying for other Keystone Watch groups so click Neighborhood Watch for more information.
  • When you want to be more pro-active think Citizen Patrol  Citizens patrol neighborhoods and respond to specific non-emergency calls-for-service while driving specially-marked Sheriff’s Office vehicles.  Citizen Patrol Volunteers are not law enforcement officers, but are trained on how to spot and report suspicious criminal activity.



Our Community

Keystone is blessed with residents who join together for our various events and programs. One such community wide safety and security initiative is our Citizen Corps and Emergency Operations Plan that includes the following elements.

  • You can be trained in basic disaster preparedness and response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, and disaster medical operations and join our   Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).  Then assist others in your  neighborhood or workplace following an event and can take a more active role in preparing your community.
  • Keystone residents and business owners can make equipment available as may be needed should public first responders can be overwhelmed by the size or nature of an emergency or disasters. Please explore our local Equipment Deployment (41) for community assistance.
  • Medical Reserve Corps (42) can be perfect for Keystone’s health care professionals.  The Florida MRC Network facilitates the use of volunteers in emergency and vital public health activities.
  • If you have an amateur radio license (HAM) or wish to acquire one you can join the Amateur Radio Emergency Services (43) to provide back-up and auxiliary communications during emergencies.   You may join a club or help build a Keystone team.

  • The American Red Cross will train volunteers in the various aspects of shelter staffing (44) during emergencies and disasters.

  • Please visit Citizen Corps & Emergency Operations Plan  (CCEOP) that is offered in an effort to enhance the quality of life of those who live, work, and play in the Keystone area.  The Plan’s foundation consists of Awareness, Prevention, Preparation, and Response as effective courses of action for Home, Neighborhood, and Community..   

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                Your Home - Your Neighborhood - Our Community

For safety and security - our residents are encouraged to make use of available resources and explore options to be aware of the:

  • Types of crime, hazards, dangers that may occur throughout the year and
  • Other potential disasters and emergencies in order to being safe and secure.