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Keystone Connections

The KCA Keystone Connections newsletter is published monthly.  It is sent to KCA members in good standing. Some past issues can also be viewed by selecting from the following.

Past issues: (50) (years, months)


           Newsletter Reporters and Lick & Stick team:

          Ben, Dawn, Francis, Mary Ann, Paul, Randy, Teresa, Woody

       Community Defense:

            Barbara and the Army

       Adopt-A-Road & Beautification:

            Woody, Aaron, and many neighbors. 

       Keystone Family Fun Day:

            Buddy, Terry, Roger, and many community groups

       Citizen Corps & Emergency Operations:

            Tom (968-6866), Glenn and many neighbors.

       Chili – Business Expo - Cars - Music:

            Jeanne, Diane, Kelly, Sam, Tom and many businesses

       Website master:

            Julie Badias - webmaster@keystonecivic.org  (47)

       Community Resource Deputy:

            Hugh Alter (247-0330), halter@hcso.tampa.fl.us.

Officers, Directors

                President:     Tom Aderhold             968-6866


            Treasurer:      Jeanette Kerns

            Secretary:      Barbara Dowling         962-4769

            Directors:      Ryan Bose                  

                                  Alan DeFrain

                                  Buddy Rawls

                                  Jaime Saeger

                                  JT Stahlschmidt                                        

                                  Woody Wood