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Keystone’s unique business environment

In addition to local businesses, Keystone supports the work forces of nearby cities.

We provide:

  • Drinking water for the Tampa Bay Water system and
  • Sanctuary for the many business owners, executives, and professionals who make their homes here.

Equestrian related

 Keystone has one of the largest horse populations in Florida.  Activities such as riding, showing, racing, boarding,  and breeding in addition to feed and tack equipment supply  are staples of the Keystone economic base.  After all, Tampa  Bay Downs is at the other end of Race Track Road.

Specialty agriculture

 Take a drive down our many side roads to discover another        economic staple: hay pastures, orange groves, specialty herb and  berry farms, over 20 landscape nurseries.

Cattle, Alpaca, and ...

  Our new comers are pleasantly surprised when our    seasoned Keystoners tell them about the breeding,  grazing, and sales that are another Keystone economic  staple.  Not to mention several animal  rescue organizations, livestock veterinarian specialists,  and dog boarding and breeding services. 

The Multiplier Effect

Local enterprises:

Prosper - from the open spaces that are characteristic of the area and

Provide employment opportunities - within their supportive businesses.

Keystone residents:

Support locally owned service, retail, and restaurant establishments.

Our retail businesses include home furnishings, picture framing, hair salons, feed depot, supermarket, cafes & deli, pubs & grills, and the roadside barbeque and produce stands that make Keystone unique.