"Preserving Our Rural heritage" Is why You Love Keystone! 

Your Keystone lifestyle is shaped by our community’s vibrant history, physicality, diverse social fabric and self-determination.  Keystone is a blend of citrus groves, ranches, farms, estates, neighborhoods, social, civic, service clubs and churches.

Be you a business leader, horseman, farmer, horticulturist, health care practitioner, professional athlete, shop owner, or retiree, Keystone is your home.

The Keystone Civic Association (KCA) was created during the 1930's when the residents of the Keystone community banded together for civic improvement and social benefits, together with promotion of interests, welfare and ideals of Northwest Hillsborough County.

Your KCA has since hosted many events and community projects and even partnered with the County Parks Department for the construction of the Civic Center located in Keystone Park.

The Oct 22 Storm Water & Flooding meeting # 2 is critical for detailing the What & Where of each Keystone Fix.

Local solutions have begun as a large scale strategy is being developed.  To stay in the loop - join the KCA and come to the Oct 22 followup meeting, 6:30 pm at our Park and Civic Center.  

Please explore and enjoy the many Keystone treasures to be found on this site.  If you are new to our community we are confident that you will find Keystone and its residents to be unique treasures.

We surely have: Community thru Vision and Unity